Can you top autos

And autoflowers be topped

@Mavrick yes, wait until the 4th or 5th nodes. You can also FIM them but be aware that this can stunt their growth for a bit. Best of luck in your grow, recommend doing a journal and pictures are like porn for us.

Rodger that my friend:laughing:

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@Mavrick its best to top autos early
I recommend you top between 3-4 nodes
They grow fast so younwant them to have a little extra recovery time

I top all mine if they arr growing vigorously. Like 5 nodes by 10 days or so

I would FIM it two rounds rather than top them :clown_face:

Iā€™d only top/fim if you know how long it takes for the plant to start budding. If you top/fim at the wrong time, you can severely stunt your plant.

Also, read up on the strain. Some auto strains do not tolerate stress well, while others can be manhandled a bit more.