Can you tell what's wrong?


A question from a fellow grower:

can you tell what’s wrong?

Strain type: it was a seed given to me
Regular organic soil. No miracle grow
Strength of nutrient mix: NA
Light system: see pic below
Temp day between 75-77 degrees, night 80-82
I have fan circulating air
AC/. no humidifier de humidifier
No CO2


With the first guess, I’m gonna say it’s gonna be pH or soil related issues. She’s probably hungry, …and did I read that correctly? The temperature at night increased?


Temp increases when light comes on. Doing 12 on 12 off. I have Rock Solid super bud booster and bloom 0-4-4.5. I also have Superthrive 0.5-0-0
Should I use either one?


I noticed the yellowing runs along the Feathering of the leaves. But it decreases as it gets towards the top. I think whatever is causing the yellowing seems to be coming from the root base.


Nutrient burn or lack of nutrients? I imagine as I’m getting closer to harvest that plant may be dying? It’s my first grow. I have no idea…


Calcium deficiency ??


It look’s like at one point she may have had to many nutrients (I.e) burnt leaf tips and now your starting to have nutrient lock out… My advice would be to do a good flush and get your pH back on track and a light feeding once plant dries out from the flush… Good luck



Have u fed the plant at all during the bloom cycle? If not, then u definitely need to feed her a bloom nutrient asap! If anything use the rock bloom booster u have NOT superthrive!

But u probably should buy a bloom nutrient if u don’t have one. AND a Ph meter to test Ph of plant runoff AND Ph of nutrients u feed her…


I thought it may have been nutrient burn so I have not fed her.


How close is your lighting, I battled something similar, with the yellow leaves throughout verse bottom up, I was burning my plants. I used back of hand but was tolerable, once I shot the temps of areas of the plant found out it was getting cooked. Just my experience. Good luck


The miracle grow soil is the biggest problem imo, I made the mistake of using this on my first indoor grow. It has time release nutes and the plants not getting the right nutes it needs for the stage of growth it’s in. Miracle gro if I remember correctly has a higher pH than the plant needs. The soil I had was around 8.0 to 8.6. This could be different for each bag of soil as it is not pHed for marijuana specificly like fox farm soils and others. There for I also suggest picking up a pH meter they can be found pretty affordable at local garden stores or online. Use the pH meter to check run off and adjust your water with pH up or pH down, you can also use vinegar and baking soda, and try to keep your run off between 5.8 to 6.8 pH. Example if my run off is 7.8 I would try watering with a pH of 5.3 and check my run off, and keep making adjustments. PH is very important!!! I check mine every other watering problems or not.