Can you tell the deficiency (if there is one)

Took these leaves off of plants that are all in the same soil. I havent been adding nutrients to them and the discolored leaves have been appearing all throughout the plants-not just the bottom.

Any insight on what is causing this? Is it natural?

Plants are varying from pre-flower to mid flower

Mine just did the same after I switched nutes from transitioning to flowering, only thing that I decreased was Nitrogen, so my call is a N deficiency.

A pic of the actual plant would help too.

Can you provide any additional details? What are you growing in, soil (what kind), hydro? Have you tested your ph at all or done a flush during veg? Also, how much and how often did you feed and at what strength? How often and how much are you watering? How far are your lights from the plants? It looks like it may be nute burn to me but that is not knowing anything about your plants and only going from the pics.

out door grow
never added nutes
organic soil
water once/twice a week
ph in range

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What are the temps like where you are at? Still looks like a nute burn issue. I’m gonna tag u in some more help. I’m not confident with outdoor growing. @PurpNGold74 @raustin @BIGE @HornHead @dbrn32

Take a little bit of the soil she’s planted in and do a slurry test to check ph of soil.

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Nitrogen deficiency maybe?


have you tried mammoth p or recharge?
this may help with uptake of nutrients…


Ya not sure by looking at leaves. What does plant look like? I would guess plant is hungry or ph issue without more info


Id say the plants are overall really green.

I recently fed with molasses. Why are the stems turning purple? Also the vein on the leaves are yellow?

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my gorilla glue has purple stems,all of them had it…it could be genetic
as far as the appearance of your gals there,they look great…you may try microbes for better nutrient uptake…
or feed them some more,for sure during flower…that is when they need it most!

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