Can you tell me what's wrong with my plant?


Garrigan65 with a question,

Can someone tell me what kind of deficiency I have going on here and how to fix it ?

The outer edges are greenish yellow. My camera won’t pick that up cause of the light I believe


Maybe the beginning of magnesium deficiency. Kinda hard to tell, you definitely have some interveinal chlorosis starting or maybe possibly a nitrogen deficiency. What are you growing in, and are you using any nutrients?


Is this your supersoil grow?


I would also say magnesium deficiency.


I know you take great care with your grows which leads me to believe you got something else besides a deficiency goin on


Yea I agree with @raustin and @Aolelon
But with the great care @garrigan65 takes with his ladies I would be surprised if it is just a deficiency



Yes it is. I’m thinking I misted something in that pot when I mixed my soil. I do know what it is. But I’m hoping you all could tell me



You are very close. But not magnesium



It is a deficiency.




That’s what I was thinking at first, but manganese usually starts up up top.


Favors potassium deficiency to me @garrigan65 but I’m not sure, but that’s my guess


Well, now i’m really stumped. I got out my big book to look it up and i’m surprised it’s not magnesium.

Hmm, something you left out of the soil, huh. Could it be iron?


Someone just hit it on the nose.

These two pic’s are Manganese


My pic doesn’t look anything like that. But there is a few more out there.
Somebody already knows, they just need to confirm it.


I’m guessing it would either be nitrogen or potassium, which can look pretty similar in the early stages. You can top dress your soil to fix either problem.


It seems to be on one side of the plant. I’m sticking with iron deficiency.


could very well be, iron and mag deficiencies look nearly identical. Magnesium starting towards the bottom, Iron to the top, that’s why I figured it wasn’t Iron. It appears to be towards the middle of the plant mostly affected.


I was checking some stuff out



That’s what I thought at first sulphur!


I heard adding gypsum helps but not sure how fast acting it is
If I thought my plant was experiencing these symptoms I would start a foliar of epsom salt