Can you take a Clone cutting during Flower stage?

Hello Everyone.
Just as the title states.
Can you take a Clone cutting from a Mother that is currently in week 3-4 of Flower?
Or is this to risky? Would this cause too much hormonal stress?
Looking forward to you guy’s answers.
Thanks everyone

I just did it. Its a skunk #1. Shes finally coming around after 4vweeks. I thought it was hopeless but she is finally showing new growth after more than a month. So to answer your questiion… yes but its really slow and might not work.

This is what is technically called a ‘monster-cropped clone’. Usually more vigorous than the mother plant and WAY more lively than a clone taken in veg.

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@Myfriendis410 how far in flower can u take the clone

Cool thanks everyone. I think I’ll leave her alone. I’ve got Two new Seedlings (bag seed) that should enter Veg in about a week or two. I’ll be sure and grab a cutting from them once they have at least 4-5 nodes.
Appreciate everyone

Yessir @Myfriendis410 have been reading up on Monster cropping. Def on my to do list.
Along with SCOG…however, currently have no grow tent, only closet. Will be posting soon in lighting to ask about proper lighting for my grow closet. Thanks

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I wouldn’t take too late: maybe 2 or 3 weeks after flowers start.

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Ive done it in week 5. Its been a loooong slow transition back to veg tho.

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Hey @Silverback…yeah heard it takes a while when cloning from flower.
I’m leaving her alone. will “experiment” with the next one!

Watch for first pistils and take clones then; reveg time is nothing and they’re rooted in 10 or 12 days.


Awesome, got that noted! Thanks

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As I sit around watching my plants grow and little else to do (thanks china plague), I find myself doing LOTS of reading. New posts, old posts, long dead posts, posts about posts, completely WILD posts and 12 inch buds (Pics or it didn’t happen), etc. etc.

Then I read about Cloning…
I already have all the stuff I need, I have a very fine candidate for cloning, (I didn’t do right by this plant in it’s growing, being my first time and all) so I wanted to give this poor poor LSD strain another chance. Actually, I’m buying myself a second chance. I KNOW I screwed up in a royal manor with this growth. Over feeding, underwatering, OVER watering, soil went acidic, temps went WAY too high blah blah blah. Every mistake a noob (this noob) can make, I made.
So just as the frost was being laid down on the buds of this little girl, I decided to cut a clone and give it a shot.

I'm going to follow the instructions given by the fine folks here in this thread and keep my fingers crossed. 

Oh, I have a few photos this time.

Here is what it was looking like as I stuck it into the Hormone.
Used “Garden Safe Root Hormone” then gave the hole a good shake of Great White Mycos powder.

Set up a little private Clone-Dome so it can rest, relax and take root.

I’ll definitly keep everyone informed as to the progress. And If I’m able to Clone from a Blooming cannabis plant, ANYONE can can do it.

Trust me, I’m no Brain surgeon nor am I a rocket scientist so if I’m able to accomplish this, even your PET can clone trees!
Yes, I said your PET.

Sorry for resurrecting a dead thread.
Hope everyone has a STELLAR day and a great rest of the week.
Kindest Regards.