Can you suggest the best way to use what I have: Grow cell tent 1mtr square, 2 fans and using filtered water

A question of a fellow grower: I have got to this point without any experience.

I purchased grow cell tent 1mtr square with growlush 130watt x 2 1@6700k & 1@ 2700k and 2 x 225 LEDs red and blue. So far at day 16 they look like any of what I’ve seen and healthy.
I only have 4 inch exhaust and 2 fans keeping temps at 20-30c in qld aust.
Leaves slight curl up. PH 5-7 most of time. Using filtered water and worm castings so far.

I know it’s not the best quality set up yet. Can you suggest the best way to use what I have until can afford better?

5.7 is a little low for a dirt, 6.2 would be better. sent pics, fill out a help ticket. They’ll help you here.

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Pics and support tickets help immensely. If you haven’t purchased a pH pen/meter please do. The drops/strips/cheap probes are just not accurate enough

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We need to see pics or we’re just guessing.

shame on me. i have ph meter and never use it.