Can you see the face in the leaf?


A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

This is one of my back widow plants . It’s 5 days since popped. Can you see the face in the leaf?


I actually can see it thats bugged out
Thanks gor sharing
Join us here on the forum you seem like youd fit right in here lol
@Hogmaster take a look at this picture


Cant see the face but if she starts yelling “Feed Me Seymour” youve got a problem. Lol


@Laurap look at top leaf zoom in you see it


Wow how cool. Sorry for being a smartazz, it just popped into my twisted lil mind.


All good your. On point with feeding i just thought it was cool to see the face Lol @Laurap


I did a lot of drugs back and seen a lot of fases on thing I don’t want to talk about…lmao but not on this plant.
As @Countryboyjvd1971 said come join you fit right in. So what are ya wait’n on JOIN


I see it… weird … could it be the zig zag guy?


Exactly what i thought to @Sasquatch to funny


@Sasquatch and @Countryboyjvd1971

you two guys are tripe’n…lmao


Hahahahaha maybe but I haven’t eat mushrooms in a long time @garrigan65
Top leaf if you zoom in you can see a face
It took me a second but once you see it its ckear as day lol


you know I just took another look and saw it wright away…he looks mad


Lmao :joy: he does a little bit lol
Probably knows his fate or her fate I should say haha


Ya no dought. Well I got to go and get some tree’s to cut. Talk with you later this afternoon



@Countryboyjvd1971 is right. to me it jumps out !
Smoke 1 and look again @garrigan65


Looks like long beard the tree, from lord of the rings… See even nature like it. :joy: :innocent: :joy: :smiling_imp: :innocent:


Wow it took me a few min to see it but once I did I can’t not see it lol


My wife makes that joke everyday when I go down to look in on the garden. LOL


It was just on last night, & couldnt help myself. As quick as these guys grow i could see it. Lol


Yes top leaf, sweet