Can you say "hi"


If anyone ever talks to Bob off of the site can you tell him he is missed and wish him well


I think @Countryboyjvd1971 was the last to talk to him. and yes he is missed for sure.


Yes I don’t want anyone to bother him just if they talk to him


I second this. I hope all is well with him. I dont know the circumstances that he left.


Yup… I agree… that knuckle head needs to get back here… a wealth of info he was… :wink:
:v: :sunglasses:


The bad part is how he said he had used ILGM seeds and then he started the grow and said they died soon after the seedling stage. Then he started to attack the Attitude seed co. And he said their seeds also came up and died after the seedling stage. I am sorry to say the problem is with his growing habits, not the seeds! I have used the Attitude many times and had no problem with there seeds. I have also used ILGM’s seeds many times and they were great seeds and plants grew as expected. I wish him luck, Mike


I was the last to speak with him as @Smokin_ernie mentioned
He asked us / me to respect his privacy and decision to leave so i have not reached out to him again since he asked me not too .
He is dealing with some personal issues and needed to step back and away from the forum
His last words to me was tell everyone i said goodbye and wish them all well
I will send everyones love and best wishes should he decided to reach out
I left the door open and promised him it would remain open should he ever need anything


@mcicchino what is this about? Posted to weing thread maybe ?


Right on thanks @Countryboyjvd1971 yes I don’t want anyone to bother him but like you said if he reaches out


I must have misunderstand. To all involved I apologise! It was very late when I made that statement.:flushed:


The more I look at this, I wrote this to a person that was bitching about not getting their seeds. If I can find it he said that the last set he got fromILGM came up and died shortly after. Then he started in on the Attitude seed co and that they sold him seeds that came up and died shortly after. My response was not to anything or anyone on this page. I have no idea how my response showed up here! I will track this down and find out. Again sorry that it showed up here. Mike


It’s all good we knew that wasn’t Bob. Thank you for following up tho. Happy growing my friend


I found it. The thread was titled “ I love ILGM seed orders” and my response was for somebody named Beeg 2424 again I have no idea how it got here. Thanks, Mike


Its all good @mcicchino i was just a little confused thats why i asked it really had no relevance here hahahaha
if you start replying in one thread and jump to another it can post in tje second thread usually it asks if you want to reply in original topic or not
I did figure thats what happened lol all good bro


Damn someone (mod) please clear this thread into what it should of looked beautifully lol. Bob is a good man. Should he even be next to a guy who bad mouthed a seed company should be in a different thread; be gone.