Can you really afford it?

I just want to give a small piece of advice to anyone who is just starting out on this great and super rewarding thing of cultivating or growing.and it relates to the equipment and additives that you buy or don’t buy!!!basicaly if you are on a budget and that’s all you can afford to get the job done then that’s fine but if you do have a budget that goes that bit further then DONT be a cheap arse,by all means shop about for better prices but wat I mean is don’t not buy the better things for the job,spend the extra 10bucks or pound or euro on the up grade to a digital ballest or that larger fan etc etc.because one thing I’ve learned is that it costs you more money down the line when you realise you actually needed the better kit or something breaks or something like in the yield at the end it costs you more in the long run if you scrimp n scrape trust me.I learned this the hard way,so I thought I’d put this up for anyone starting out and your unsure of wat to buy it’s that bit more expensive for a reason.HAPPY GROWING people and I hope all your yields come true. Ha Ha