Can you over decarb?

So I may have over decarb. I put about a half oz in mason jar and with cover on put in oven at 225 for about an hour. The flower was dry and cured but still had some moisture to it. I think where I went wrong is I just shut off oven and left the jars in the oven. This is only my second time using a mason jar. I usually lay out the flower on a cookie sheet. The mason jars don’t smell up the house like the cookie sheet. Can you over decarb? I am making capsules.

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Sounds like it should be fine,you didn’t do it for to long so just grind it up and it should be fine brother, I usually do mine In my ardent lift decarboniser and before that I did mine in the oven in foil


Heat degrades, yes you can over decarb, to the point is smells like burnt popcorn.

I don’t agree with mason jars only because glass is a good heat insulator, and the volume prevents even exposure to time and temperature, meaning the material against the glass becomes relatively overcooked compared to the “core” material.

Perhaps tight tinfoil over a baking sheet may help keep down the odor.

My point is, just like flash freezing you need the quickest most even tempature exposure timed to the minute.

I’ve researched and found turpens vs decarb about 20 minutes @ 225 f. (flash exposure) go too far and you loose allot of THC and gain CBN, thereby making sleeper brownies.

Personally, I use a hotplate with vegetable glycerin and shatter to make edibles, no “cabbage” to consume!

Look it up on U-tube everyone has tricks up their sleeves, you can use one or the other, or innovate between several points of view. Don’t be lazy, you’re the one that has something to gain and nothing to loose…


Yeah good point about the glass and over cooking. I think I going to go back doing it on cookie sheet. I haven’t opened the jars yet. I going to make capsules tonight so we will see.

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The more I think about it the more I feel I over cooked. It looks pretty brown and smells surprisingly good not burnt or anything. So maybe I be alright.


I don’t recall the scientific description or process but remember reading longer than 40-45 minutes will produce a more sedative effect overall. If potency diminishes any, I would guess it’s a negligible amount.
I love the way it “stinks” up the house. Sometimes I’ll run the chamber in the Volcano for 45-60 seconds a few times without putting the bag on it just to get that wonderful scent into the room. It’s not the same as the decarbing weed in the oven, which to me smells even more delicious, but it’s pretty damn good!


You should be ok but yes as mentioned you will likely have a more sedative effect. I do mine in a ceramic dish (like a pie plate) covered tight with foil on 240 degrees for 40 minutes


I took 2 capsules yesterday and before I could determine how good it was I smoked a joint. I could feel something so anyways I took 2 more and before I knew it I was dozing off. I was up at 4:30am so I was pretty tired by the end of the day which may have had something to do with it. I am going to try and not smoke tonight when I take some. So I am thinking it is more sedative but I slept awesome last night.


Nice I decarb in a 2 Quart jar 3/4 of the way full 220 for an hour to an hour and a half never had any issues and I let it cool off in the jar in oven it’s worked out great for me and I know it worked out great for a lot of other people I’m glad it works for you @Smokin_ernie :wink:


Ive been doing this for my canacoco oil.

*28 g product
*14 fl oz C. oil

  • 2 table Sp sunflower lecithin
    *crockpot method

Decarb in oven 30 min at 240°. Grind in food processor. Put in crockpot 10-12 hours at 220°. Strain through cheesecloth and i squeeze the cloth tight AF. I use the pulp in chilli, 3 of those in a batch of chilli in crockpot. Amazing how strong it was. But im ready for critiquing, looks like im do just reading how the rest of you guys do it.
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Decarboxylation makes weed effective when you use it. Check our guide on how to decarb weed to find various methods to decarb your harvest!

Weed has THCA, which won’t make you high, and that THCA needs to become THC to get you high. This happens with heat: when you smoke, vape, dab, or bake weed.