Can You move plant from outdoor light to in?

First time grower. I have 1 plant and have a wonderful grow spot outside but what do I do on cloudy days and rainy. She is just a seedling and just sprouting her 1st little leafs. Do I need a light? ( recommendation on brands) Will it damage it to go back and forth to outdoor light then artificial? Also, I read it’s best for it to get 18hours of light for the 1st month. It’s winter here and it only gets 12 hour of daylight. Can I just put it under the light for the extra 6hours?


Yes you are going to have to. If not it will start to flower soon as it is old enough. What’s your budget for light?


I can afford whatever brand you think is best. I just am trying to not get anything too bulky. I will probably have to set it up in my extra closet. In my house. I can control the temp in there.

Thanks for helping!!!

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If you plan to flower it outside in the sun any cheap led or cmh from Amazon will get you through

Thanks so much man!! I have been stressing.

Absolutely. Do that. Hahaa good luck man

Before you run out and grab any old light what’s your situation, can you explain it a bit better?

Are you in Canada?
You said your growing it now and it’s winter, yet you want to put it outside?

Autoflowering plants will “grow” or veg for about 30 days from sprouting and after that it needs even more light to flower buds.

Bouncing back and forth between natural and artificial light won’t hurt a plant I and others do it in the spring and summer.

Some cover their plants on rainy days some put them inside/in a shed with a light. Better lighting will produce better results, is heat going to an issue? If not you can go CMH /HPS but in a closet unless you have a direct vent to outside I would say go LED (or .ca) is whee you want to go don’t waste money on amazon it’s pointless and you will regret it. All marketing and 99% junk.

No one has proven any perfect light scedule in any large scale studies yet, some run 24hr on the whole grow, some run 24hr for a bit then cut to 18/6, some cut to 12/12 come flower and some crazy people run 12/12 from start to finish (I don’t recommend that)
Autos are Wierd… Because of their genetics, while photos NEED darkness autos don’t or need less of it.
I would say at least for veg run 20/4

Happy anniversary @Nicky
For the seedling. All you seen is a 23w cfl day light bulb for her right now. no need to buy any thing else for a week or even longer. This little one here was grown to this size with two 23w cfl lights. You need to keep them close. But ti will buy you a little time to figure out what light would be best for you to step up to. And cost would only be around 12 - 15 bucks for 2 lights. a Y and a socket you can pug into an extension cord. Just offering another option for right now

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Thanks man!
Ps totally agree

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Most outdoor grows in US are finishing up right now. Although if your climate supports I suppose you can still grow outside, just too cold for most of us. You can certainly move plant in and out, just be careful you don’t bring any unwanted critters in.

If you’re serious about completing a successful grow here I would suggest getting a proper indoor space setup. A closet is fine, you just want to make sure its light tight if growing photo plants. From there you should size your light to growing area and not necessarily plant count. Also make sure you have proper ventilation and whatever other environmental controls will ne needed.