Can you identify this?

@Budz Yeah I’m curious about the boosters. Haven’t ran boosters before and plan on experimenting with those soon. Any experience with 48 Hours dark before switch?

Nope. I did do 36 and flipped the day around.

@Budz Yeah I learned that trick on here last year LOL. Did you correct the issue before sending your girls into flower or did you initiate flower and correct along the way?

I had issues before and during transition. Three are the same age, ones biggest of 7. Other two are unique. Biggest one I killed twice and just replanted. Other two ended up so dried up from fear of over watering. Which was one death to the other. Damped off. Only had a round white tap left, so I flayed it a little and buried it up to what would’ve been the 3 set of leaves. Rest I basically just threw in there shortly after two weeks of breaking ground. Been a ride.

By biggest I mean, 6 cola only. Furthest ahead

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Wow sounds like it! One thing for sure, I bet you gained a world of knowledge in the process​:muscle::muscle:

This has been a pretty smooth run for me up until this transition. I think next time if I do run synthetic, I will run it all the way through. My plan initially was to run synthetic during veg and switch over to organic for flower because Strawberry Cough has a better taste when grown organically. I’ve got 2 ilgm Strawberry Cough and 2 ilgm Purple Haze. The Purple Haze is cruising along but the Strawberry Cough is being a pain. Might just send them all into flower in the next week or two because they look like they’re getting better. Had a gut feeling my soil PH maybe low, ffof has a history of dropping to the acidic side. Watered them with 7.6 pH and they look a lot better. The runt is purp haze

Nice. My tri budded one and the one in top right are for sure also ILGM strawberry cough, the biggun is ILGM super lemon haze, other goofy old one is ILGM Chocolope. Along with one behind it. Can’t say for sure which the other two are yet. But probably chocolope and strawberry again. I had no luck with the slh seeds. Were really tiny and just didn’t want to germ/crack.

Any time you put up a question, accompany it with a filled out Support Ticket (much easier than hunting through a ton of posts.

The leaves shown are likely old fans dying off.

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Oh yeah. If you want you strawberry to grow read the info on it. Requires no training, but remove any unnecessary vegetation.

I usually fill out support tickets but for this one I didn’t need anyone to diagnose the problem. Was mainly curious if anyone thought this was leaf septoria

Yeah she is a breeze to grow! The Taste is awesome, the smell :stuck_out_tongue:…this is my second time running her. This was the first run

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It is ALL very helpful. Could be environment, nutes, watering etc. It’s a guessing game without the needed info. Lots of busy folks around here and though I’d love to have time to read all the above posts to gather info for myself, I don’t.
The age of a plant is also extremely helpful, as they have different nutritional needs at stages.

Do you have the microbes to make thes nutrients available to your plants.

@GreenJewels I agree with everything you said. I could have named this post " is this leaf septoria?" But I did not want to plant a seed and have folks jumping on here saying, yep that’s it :rofl::rofl:… I wanted to see who has seen this on their leaves before and what it ended up being? Most of the time I post on here, I use support tickets but this time I wasn’t looking for a diagnosis, just feedback from other Growers on experiences with this particular Leaf issue