Can you help with a humidity?


Hi I am a first time grower and a have a small indoor grow in a tent. I am having trouble keeping the humidity level up. Temp is good about 70 to 75 deg. but I can’t get the humidity level much above 35%. I have tried spraying water and put a container of water inside the tent with no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Based upon the size of your tent, have you considered a small humidifier, or is there not enough room?


Add Co2 , that will help add about 40% of humidity ?


Hi Thanks for the response On the humidifier, I don’t have enough room but would like to know more about CO2?
I was able, for a short time, to bring the humidity up by playing with the vents of my tent. I was able to get 55%. But it’s back down again.
Again thanks for your help.


There is a video on YouTube on how to build a co2 generator using yeast and sugar . The down side to this method is attracking fungus knats . But it can help raise humidity .