Can You Help Me?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“-I have searched internet re info on cloning clones.Some say its fine an they have cloned many generations of clone with what seems no ill effects.Some say quality diminishes each time u clone a clone(advice/thoughts/facts?).”

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I think it’s fine, its a little easier than keeping a mother plant. You just take a clone from your clone in veg or bloom to keep the line going.

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Think of it like making a copy of a dvd or cd. It’s an exact duplicate. Not like a copy of a copy from a… well copy machine.

The clone is genetic duplicate the difference is that it is also same age as it’s mother this remains true of clones of clones too that being said I have year old mother right now and just as healthy as she was 6 months ago age does catch up with them just like us sooner or later. However that doesn’t mean that properly cared for you can’t keep cloning single strain indefinitely just that you will tire of it and want variety over time


Yeah as @Donaldj said I believe that it is our tolerance that goes up for the strain. Not the clone going down in potency.
But that’s my train of thought, being a newbie who’s never cloned.

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Its all good I have taken clones from clones for 3 grows and all works out great .