Can you help me pick a light?

Yes that is correct. It’s same led that is provided with different performance specs depending on which market it’s intended.

If I recall, there was a typo on the original 301h data sheet. It had one specific cct that appeared to have higher radiometric flux than the others or same cct in 301b. Some people that were semi involved in lighting community took the error ad true data and ran wild with it. Puts into perspective that we’re still explaining it 2 years later haha.


Awesome. Thank you

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P2000 they have really good reviews and value for money

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So this is the direction im going…im going to hold off on building a light til feb or march, and ill use my tax return for that…i know how i get, and i end up spending double what i estimate bc my bipolar shows itself anytime i get into anything like that, and i end up going crazy. Its pretty much what happened this time…started off planting an outdoor garden, which i hadnt done in awhile, and now in addition to that, i have 35 3 month old bonsai, some cacti, succulents, and carnivorous plants, all from seed, and that led me to MJ.

In the meantime, im going to buy 1 viparspectra xs1500, which has the higher tier leds and driver. I figure ill deconstruct one of these lights to start off my build next year, probably by either improving on its design, or just using the frame, and starting from scratch. Might even be better to do that with my blurple, since i can probably get the most out of upgrading those LEDs.

I was going to go with the bestva and get the 2 100 watts, but i decided id rather go with the 150 watt and figure out the heating situation. I have a feeling either one of the lights is going to jack up my heating, so id rather adjust my atmosphere for 1 light, and i can always add one later, and this way i have the higher wattage light.

I think all the advice everyone gave is great, but i suspect that with a high level super cropping technique, one can get the most out of every watt their light produces, and thats where i aim to be. I dont feel like ive gotten all the effeciency out of the light i currently have, and now ill have about 500-550 watts total. Additionally, i feel theres more room to grow with the aero/hydro setup ive built & nutes, as well. Getting a bigger light wont necessarily make me a better grower, and thats what im after here…to learn how to push this MJ DNA to its limits. Ive got a lot more learning to do…

Thanks for the great conversation on this topic.

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Hey that’s what I have, I’m a new grower talked about that above, no complaints, Very bright, can see in pic, compared to a sf-1000, there are a lot of discount codes don’t forget, got mine for around 120 Amazon, best of luck, tag u in my grow journal u can see how it works

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Definitely man…i actually had email conversations going on with 4 different brands about discounts…most of them will work with you some, which just how much profit they are making.

I checked your thread out. Impressive man. Cant wait for the light to get here.

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Newbie grower here. Need some advice about lights. Im looking at the HLG 350R I will be growing 6 plants hopeful, maybe more if they all start to grow. I got 9 soaking. Would a couple of these work fine for them? I will have them in a room not a tent. I will be buy reflective for the walls as well if that helps with the lights.

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You’re going to need to set yourself parameters for what area in your room you’re going to grow in. The space of the grow, as @dbrn32 said earlier, is going to dictate what guidance anyone can give you on lights. Some folks here can make one plant fill up a 4x4 tent. Others will stuff 8 plants into that same space. We would very likely all recommend the same or a similar light because the 4x4 area is what matters when it comes to lighting. Check into @Nicky ’s DLI topic. He’s got loads of easily digestible material about lighting and why you shouldn’t cheap out.

A 350R will cover a 3x5 but honestly I’d expect more like a 2x4. A couple 350R will run you quite a bit. Honestly if you’re willing to spring for 2 350R’s you could get better coverage with the Scorpion or a couple 320w Xl Qb Kits.