Can you help me pick a light?

Im adding a light to my tent, but im seriously conflicted. I only have a bestva right now, but its done so good. However ive heard amazing things about marshydro and viparspectra, so im not sure which light i should buy
Marshydro ts1000

Viparspectra p2000

Vipraspectra xs1500

Bestva pro1000

@dbrn32 can help you out better than me.

Happy growing


After spending a couple weeks trying to pick a light this morning I ordered a Viparspectra xs2000.
After applying a discount code and a $30 off coupon I got it for $193.00

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Im trying to stay under $150, but ill take it you would prefer the xs…it is a really nice light too.

I’d like to know where you heard good things about these lights as they are also sub-par (but better than some blurples).

If you want performance you are going to have to pony up and pay the $$ for a light from HLG, CHILled Tech, California Lightworks, Spyder Farmer etc. There is no such thing as a good cheap light.


Im only planning on growing 2-4 plants so i dont need anything expensive. Honestly im beyond thrilled with my bestva blurple and the only reason im not getting another blurple is bc but i trust you guys and was advised to stay away from them, but i really dont know why they arent good, so im just going to pair this one with my blurple.

As for where i heard stuff…youre right…not from on forums, but just countless hours of reading reviews.

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Spider Farmer is probably one of the best as a “less expensive” light built with good diodes. Make sure you get one of the SF series lights with Samsung LM301 series diodes.

You won’t be happy in the long run with Mars, Vipar, or BestVA.


This is irritating guys…i dont have the money for anything that anyone is suggesting, so unless someone is going to chip in, can i just get some help with the ones ive selected.

The Bestva listing says the model light you’ve chosen is built with LM301H diodes. It is probably the best choice among those you have listed.

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I use vipraspectra lights, I started with a 450w in a 3x3, within a month I had bought a 2nd one. The following year I added a parfactworks 160w light inbetween them. Moral of the story, with the price of the 3 lights, I could have bought a nice HLG light that would be better than the 3 I have. I still use them, as they work good enough for what I do. But if one ever breaks, I will be forking out the cash to get 1 good light…

Like you, I didn’t have the money for a great light (and honestly didn’t know any better), so I added more as money allowed. Sometimes you have do what you have to do…

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Thanks man…when you said that i knew i had seen it on one of them and was just checking. And thats only 69 after discount so i can buy 2 of them. One for each side of my blurple.

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Yea absolutely man. If it wasnt for these cheap lights, i probably would have never tried this. I sewed my first seed on july 29th, so im still in that rookie phase. Eventually ill be putting more money into this, but first id like to put some time in, get some expercience, and really evaluate an investment like that.

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Can understand where y’all coming from, I have the viparspec xs1500, and a sf-1000 both are solid little lights for less cash, My xs-1500 is so bright, sf not as bright more red tho. I’m new in first grow learning as I go, but I just order and HLG on sale, light cause I want to do more then 2-3 plants and not have 3-4 separate lights hanging around. I feel like that’s where $ comes in. Spent little over 300 $ and way better then what I’m using now and are about the same amount of $. Personal preference best of luck to y’all

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How do you tell whats better? I am so confused about that…arent they using the same types of LEDs and drivers?

Having one light definitely is a bonus. Right now i have my blurple and 4 24 watt 2’ tubes, but i just have them for supplemental lighting really. Im not even sure how the lights im looking at are better than blurple. Im assuming the bud will be bigger, but the plants are already over 4’ tall. Only reason im buying another light is because i feel like im supposed to since i have a bigger tent lol

I considered adding a 2nd aero tank for an extra 4 plants in my tent, but then id have to buy another water chiller, so that aint happening anytime soon. So as of right now, i got 2 plants. Im going to try 3…maybe 4 next grow, but im worried about spacing with my current system. Thats 4 at absolute max tho, so i think i can get away with 2 cheap lights as of right now.

I may even try building my own light with the leds from the cheap lights at some point. Ive messed around with electronics as another hobby of mine, so maybe i could pull it off. How badass would that be…lol

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How are your plants looking and doing so far?

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Im quite happy with where they are right now. I know theyre nothing compared to what you guys grow, but if they finished today id be happy. I know in the future im going to want to keep pushing it, but i also think i left some on the table with technique and nutrients, as well.

They are at the start of week 5. I also realize this being my first grow, i have nothing to compare them to, but i feel like as i get more expercience, thats when ill be comfortable seriously contemplating more expensive equipment. As of right now, im good tho. I just upgraded from a 4’x2’x60" tent to a 4’x4’x80" tent is why im getting a new light.

Current light is a bestva 2k cob reflector elite series blurple and has gotten me here, so far.


At the end of the day if you are happy that is all that matters.
Looking good for first time and lights being used.
With that said I can feel it already
You will definitely be upgrading lights in the future though lol
Happy growing and good luck :+1::ok_hand::call_me_hand::v:


I own two Bestva P1000, I’ve been very happy with them. I run them in a 30x30 and my buds are fat, dense and potent.

At 69.00 I’m tempted to get a third.

I dont think your going to beat the 69.00 sale price(could get two on budget). Its Amazon don’t like them return and get something else. I bet you keep them.

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:joy: yea i know i will be man. I think the greatest hobby to have is learning new things, and i think theres something to be said for learning on what you have, because it forces you to become better at your skills when you cant rely on the fancier equipment. I enjoy the rush of trying to overcome those obstacles.

But it dont matter anyway, an investment like that requires saving ahead of time for me, and im not doing that until ive stretched these out. Lol My fam comes first, and this is what i got left for lights :sob:

Tbh i feel like im kicking butt because the 2’ 24w leds i already had from my bonsai hobby, and the bestva was being heavily discounted bc they stopped selling it, so i got it for 50 something. Im hoping once i get these new lights, ill be good for awhile and be under or at $200. Rather spend money on genetics.

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Yea i think so too man. Considering how happy i am with my current bestva, i think thats the move

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