Can you help diagnose this

They were in seedling soil with very low nutes. Some people say i overwaterd and someon says calmag. I really dnt think i overwatered but im a noob and dnt want to sign off on that just yet. I did everything right. Rh. Temp. Everything. I hit them all with calmag yest and transplanted 2 into super soil with amended nutes already mixed. I been using recharge too

That’s quite a lot for such a young plant.

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They look burned up to me maybe super soil still a little hot.

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No. They were in seedling soil that had nothing in it. Thats when the symptoms occurred

looks like your pH may be off, do you pH your water ?
should be around 6.0–6.2 if in super soil . should not be adding any kind of nutes this early in super soil. if you have then you have burned them up . flush with distilled water from store pH to 6.0 — example 1/2 gallon in and get 20% back out . all depends on size of pot they are in. do you have pH/ppm readers ?
did you make your own super soil ? if so you need to let it cook for 30/60 days to let all the amendments compost/breakdown . also you should put super soil 2/3 up from bottom of pot then fill with like fox farm happy frog . and when you transpant into it, it wont burn your plants up. good luck
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I don’t think it’s calcium because the new growth is good. It’s on the old growth.

I think it’s nutrient burn from super soil.

I think your plant was in the seed starter way too long. Seed starter is usually peat based and has little to no nutritional value and the plants needs repotting shortly after coming up. Those look like they have been in seed starter for weeks and have been struggling to survive.

I think they should recover nicely now they are repotted, assuming the new soil wasn’t over amended.

I learned long ago when using seed starter, fill a cup 2/3 full with potting soil and use seed starter on top 1/3. The seed starter give plant a good start (it is hard to overwater seed starter) and when roots develop they grow into the soil where they benefit from the nutrients.


No thats not what it is at all. It was in almost no nutes at all

I did not make my own supersoil. Its sold preamended and it doesnt need to cook. It will feed a plant 30days in 5 gall. Its not from burn. Its very confusing. I dnt know if they are diseased or what. Frustrating too because i been dilligent about doing what i am suppose to be doing

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In that case I recommend reading the troubleshooting guides to see what fits your scenerio.

@Jlenarto13 even store bought super soils can be to hot and burn young plants . but you keep sayen it is from your start up/seedling with low nutes in soil . so did you pH your water or not you did not say . did you use any hydrogen peroxide when you germinated your seeds to help stop any fungus/bacteria ? best bet my be to take @MH47 advise . good luck.
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