Can you guys lmk what's going on with my girl?

This is just happening to one of the four zkittlez autos I have going right now. I give them all the same treatment but this one, ofc the biggest, prettiest of the bunch, started having these spots last night (16 days old). Can you guys please help me ID the issue?

Might be water damage but more likely its calcium deficiency

Going to need more info.

Zkittles auto from ILGM
Coco coir/perlite 75/25%
3 gallon fabric pots
pH 5.8-6.2 - last feeding 5.87
Last EC of nute water - 1120 (last runoff in high 900s- didn’t write it down)
Indoor - HLG 350R (18/6)
Temp 70.8-77° F
RH 62-67%
Vivosun 4" exhaust fan (carbon filter no yet attached)
Feeding by this chart:

Only using flora trio, CalMag, armor Si and canna rhizotonic

I thought calcium deficiency as well. But, I’ve used 5ml per gallon of CalMag every time I’ve fed and have sprayed with CalMag only water of the same strength regularly. Maybe she’s a hungry one.

Picture of whole plant please. That looks like normal degradation of lower leaves.

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New growth looks good. Lower leaves will degrade. Those 3 leaf guys die every time. I personally see nothing to stress.


It’s different having your plants where you see them several times a day versus having them out in the woods checking every week or two. So basically you think it’s nothing so long as the new growth continues to look good? Thanks. I’ll keep an eye on her. I’m like a first time parent all over again. Lol.

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Yea seeing them all the time focuses on every change. That plant looks healthy.