Can you guess how many days till harvest?

So since I’m waiting for my magnifying glass in the mail how close to harvest do you think I am?

3 weeks?


haha have you been peaking at my journal?? No fair :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: but thats really close it’s supposed ready around 26th (2 weeks and 2 days) just missing my birthday. But the wait is still worth it. I will be monitoring as I’m not sure what to expect as this is my first grow. I’ve also been flushing.

Question do you still flush even when the pot is damp? And should you try to flush all NUTs in one day or over the period of this 2 weeks?

I use a TDS pen and water to 10 to 20% runoff the final push to harvest. I monitor the runoff TDS and (in soil) when it falls below 300 ppm I’m ready to harvest. In media like coco or in hydro I run the TDS down below 100 ppm before harvest.

I also do a bud wash to remove environmental crap that has collected on the plant. 1 cup of peroxide in 5 gallons of water, soak for 6 minutes, rinse in tap water, drip dry then dry as normal.

I did actually measured my runoff today and it was high like 1200ppm.

  1. Do I just continue watering as usual (No NUTs) and ppm would eventually dip?

  2. Let’s say based on trichomes, the plant is ready for harvest in 2 weeks but ppm is still high. Should I then run the risk of getting buds overripe for the sake of flushing? How would you handle something like that?

  3. At anytime during the lead up to harvest is it okay to do an intense flush if you don’t see any ppm diminishing? By intense I mean flush in the period of 1 day if that is at all possible.

Hope I am not asking too much

All of the above is okay.

1,200 ppm shows soil is becoming depleted: that’s a good thing at end of grow.

Flush all you want. Plant is dying slowly so really anything you do it doesn’t like will just speed the process a bit.

Some growers don’t bother, especially outdoor in-ground grows but my taste buds definitely detect the difference. @Not2SureYet is convinced after I told HIM which ones he’d done water-only for 2 weeks and which ones he hadn’t.

I liken it to smoking Unicorn Farts: that’s my goal haha.


23 days, 14 hours and 12 minutes to go

That’s my guess lol


lol unicorn farts… what it tastes like?? :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:

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cuz I’m not sure when I started these

Oo what is this beauty here?

Mine are in wk 6 of flowering and the tricones are
Still clear. Good Luck


Looks nice :slight_smile: what is that you got there?

White Widow


Looks so different, growing in different parts of the world I guess

Gorilla glue autoflower. Ilgm naturally fox farm ocean…quantum board 3000k.

update …do you think they are ready…man tough decision on first grow

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I would probably need to see them in normal white light if I had to make a reasonable guess

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