Can you grow with Blacklights?

Looking into adding UV to my setup.

Does a regular black light produce UVA that is beneficial to trichome production?
I was looking at HLG 30 UVA, but ran across regular party type black lights when I search UVA light.

Like this

Says Wavelength: 385-400 NM, UV-A level. I know that’s not as low as HLG, but it’s lower than what my spider farmer puts out. At only $58 for 4 of them, sure beats HLG price. Anyone think they would help?


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No, there aren’t sufficient wavelengths available that are needed nor strong enough (most likely)

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No, UVA in the 385-400 nm (more visible) is not the same as UVA in the 365 nm (not visible but affect plants fluorescence much more). 365 nm LEDs are pretty expensive while 385-400 LEDs are very cheap. That’s why real UVA lights that work aren’t cheap.