Can You Grow Seeds Found in with bags of bud Please HELP?

Hello Fellow growers I was buying bud from one my people and found nice dark striped seeds in my bag if I grew these would they be mostly Males??

No way to know until you germinate abd plant those puppies! Best if luck

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Hmmm well I found a couple might germ em and see


Make sure u start a journal and dont forget to tag me in it.

Will do homie @PurpNGold74 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Probably females, but grow it and see. If it’s male, save the pollen and use it on a female plant. You’ll get plenty of seeds for future grows.

This may help you

Much less risky to buy from established seed company.

Wierd I think my one plant growing might be male then hmph I got wait but a really well know local grower gave me seeds awhile back so we’ll see I guess :disappointed:

Total rubbish. Male and female seeds look identical. Just plant twice as many plants, grow them out, make them (or let them naturally) flower and then look at the new flowers. Females have lots of long white pistols. Males have green balls or banana-shaped flowers. Cull the males.

Bag weed seeds will average 50% male and 50% female. But the good news is that if you grow the females without pollen, you get sansimilla, which is much better than your original bag weed. If you take clones from a female, you never have to deal with males again.