Can you "grow" Delta8 Hemp?

Stupid question because they have to extra process regular cannabis, but can you “grow” Delta8 cannabis?

Is it a special seed? Or a regular seed but treated with a chemical like I read somewhere?

I’m always looking for options for my buddies in Delta9 illegal states and this subject dort of intrigues me.

Delta 8 flower is not grown. It comes from the existing cbd flower. Not sure. but it sounds like made in test tube? :crazy_face:


Delta 8 THC is extracted and concentrated and sprayed on CBD. There is also Delta 10 concentrates and Delta 0. Honestly, the “flower” tastes like chemicals. I don’t normally down cannabis, but I can’t stand the stuff. Some delta 8 vape pens are ok, but they’re all so harsh and none have the effect of good ol Delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol.