Can you grow autos and photos at the same time?

I want to grow 2 autos and 2 photos at the same time in the same tent doing 18/6 until autos are like 4 weeks into flower then swap to Is A 12/12 schedule and flower the photos is that possible?


Sure. The autos don’t need it (12/12) and will do just fine…


Yup you can. If running Photos as well go with 18/6 schedule. This will let the Photo to properly Veg before switching to 12/12. :+1::+1:


Absolutely yes ive been growing my 1st auto with my 3 photos I ran 18/6 until my photos where the size i wanted then switched to 12/12 the auto never had a hiccup from the light switch only issue i ran into was i have only 2 tents but flowering girls in both so I had to put my auto in a box to do her 48hr of darkness period due to not being able to do it in the tent


I’m waiting to place 3 autos in the flower tent. They are not sexed yet, they are in the veg tent.

I have 2 autos almost ready.

I was waiting to place the photos in the flower tent to avoid a possible issue with one of the plants turning male.

That is not an issue?

It’s ok to mix, pre sexed? I would love to put the photos in there???


I run autos and photos at the same time, most all of the time :v:t4:


Absolutely , not a problem I’ve done it several times. 18/6 till you are ready to flip photo’s to 12/12 Light schedule an Keep on trucking. good luck


@TommyD autos are feminized. And they’ll flower when they want to.

@Kobiashi just make sure your lights are strong enough to give them their DLI at 12 access you’ll be just fine


Really? I don’t think I was clear on my question.
Yes my auto’s are female. They are in their 9th week of flower and have big colas et al.

They are in the flower tent. The Auto’s. I have them at 12/12. I know I can keep them at 18/6, but I didn’t this grow, I went with the 12/12 on the auto’s after several weeks at 20/4, then 18/6 and now 12/12

My photo’s are unsexed at the moment and vegging in another tent at 18/6.

Question is: I can put the unsexed photo’s in the same tent as the flowering auto’s and nothing will happen to the auto’s? One of the photo’s could be male. That’s not an issue? I kept the photo’s out till the auto’s are done since I was thinking a male might emerge from the photos in the veg tent if I put them in the flower tent. That won’t happen?

I can put my photo’s in the flower tent with the auto’s at 12/12 without any issues?

Well clarified!

The photos can go in, it won’t be a problem, but you will have to watch for sex. Be diligent and remove males when they show up so they don’t have a chance to drop pollen and cause issues.


So I run photos and autos together all the time.

I flip my photos when my autos preflower.

You will absolutely need to watch the photos for signs of male parts as they start to sex, but if you have feminized photoperiods the odds are real low. I think you’ll be okay to do it, especially since male parts emerge and are really obvious before they cause damage to the females in the tent


Got it!! Thanks. That makes perfect sense.

I wish they were feminized, I got them from a buddy and they are my first photos. I put pics up here, they look like females.

I just didn’t want to ruin the autos which are nearly complete.

I’ll wait this time. I’ll harvest the autos, then put the photos in the flower tent. I’ll try it the other way next time. Thanks again.

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Thanks very much.

Sometimes my posts need to be reread, lol.

Happy growing.

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Same with mine :rofl: good luck!

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I’m not familiar with the term DLI can you please clarify

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Highly recommend giving this a read. Really great info


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