Can you give me just a rough idea of a good LED light layout configuration?


A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I have an 11x12 room with 10 ft ceilings. I would like to maximize its use. Can you give me just a rough idea of a good LED light layout configuration ?
I’m not looking for measured specs, rather just some advice on What wattage, and how many and any special advice you may have … Ya know the secret sauce that’s in your head. Much appreciated.


Would love to discuss this with you please join are forum so we can see exactly what your plan is ! Just tag me when you join put a @ in front of the name and we will be more then happy to help

                   thanks  @Hogmaster


Your going to need a lot of Lights for a room that big. I had the same space and split it into 2 rooms with some 2x4s and 4 sheets of solar board. You would just have to use hangers that have a long cord if you can find them. The light is going to be down around 4 to 6 feet depending on what strain s you’re growing. @Hogmaster is right. Join us and we can help you out.


I am the above customer.


How is it we can help how many plants you plan on doing a space that size will take a lot of light ! Just wondering what your plan was ?


What you got going on ?