Can you finish in a 3 gal pot?

Is a three gallon pot to small to finish growing in if I use smart pots?

3 gallon is normally used for an auto, so yes, but if you are growing a photo plant, then a 5 gallon is recommended.

Thanks @raustin. About to finish my first attempt and looking down the road at next grow. Wanting to know how small so I can try more than one plant next time.

Simply put…more roots = more fruit

3 gallon is ok for Auto’s.

5 gallons + for reg photo’s.

Are you growing autos? You’ll be fine with 3 gallons if you are, but it floating be too small for a regular photo plant.

Growing A photo plant. It’s doing fine in 5 gal but trying to guess what I’m going to do in my next grow in a 4x4 tent.

Thanks @tanlover442 I was trying to guess how many I’m going to try on my next grow. I guess 4 plants in a 4x4 should be enough room.

If all autos 4 may work. But if 4 photos then ull have to keep a ‘semi’ short vegging time. Those girls will get cramped

With that in mind think I’ll do just 3.

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You might even consider just doing 2. Your yield will be the same but would have more room to deal with plant issues.

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I suggest starting with more than you expect to keep. Not all plants are big n healthy n fast growing. Cull the weakest/slowest. Keep n nourish the healthiest
3 reg photo’s and LST will fill a 4x4.

@tanlover442 that’s what I’m thinking. 3 and l s t.

I just finished a grow with several plants in 1 gal containers. They were clones and I only vegged them for a month. The end result was ok, but they required a lot of frequent watering. I only did it expecting to use them for butter.
Personally I think 7gal is perfect.

So yes, you “can” finish in 3 gal pots. It’s just not optimal.

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Im about 4 weeks into flower, using 3 gal and 7 gal smart pots. All Photo strains. They need more frequent watering in the 3 gal vs 7 gals. I did just 2 plants in the 7 gals pots and the other 7 in the 3 gal pots so i could keep their size down. The 7 gallon plants are bigger and will yield more. I like with the 3 gallon pots the size of the plant is much more controllable. I have too keep mine low and wide, so when they flower i have enough head room to keep them from being burnt. I also went with 3 gallon pots because i was doing more plants so i can have variety without severely overcrowding my tent which is 96x48x80… 12 diff kinds it is pretty cramped as of right now… The 5 gallon pots will definitely make for a bigger plant. So you could do 2 bigger plants in 5 gallon pots in the 4x4 or 3 smaller plants in 3 gallon pots and get the same yield. Just depends on how you like to grow. My next grow ill probably do 3 plants in 15 gallon smart pots in the tent… keep from over crowding too much.
Look up 3 gallon vs 5 gallon pots on the search bar up top… our own Latewood has said he has gotten the same yield from a plant in 3 gallon vs 5 gallon so why waste the extra dirt and nutrients ?..


15 gallons in a tent!!! Can u say SUPER LST CROPPING!!! I want tags!!! :crossed_fingers:t5::+1:t5:

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That sounds good @Dr.DankThumb420. I’m only growing for Wife and me so I don’t need tremendous yields. I’m willing to swap yield for variety so I can treat multiple ailments.