Can you extract oil with just a steam distiller using just water no alcohol solvents?

Can you extract oil with just a steam distiller using jusr water no alchol solvents? Like you would for plant material to make essential oils. Anyone tried it?

The sort of distiller setup like this picture

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That’s a good question! I know THC is more easily soluble in a fat as opposed to water, that’s why you can smoke a water pipe with little or no loss of THC, but I’m not sure what heating and evaporation would do to the oils. It might serve as like a decarb step and convert everything as needed!
Throw an ounce in there and see what happens!!


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yes and record it so we can watch


THC is not water soluble, You can extract the oil with hi-proof alcohol… over 150 proof is needed for that, 192 proof is best. Decarb first, 30 minutes at 225-250 degree oven, I’ve done it many many times!

For starters the heat will activate the thc to give u the high feeling my understanding of it is the water will be the stuff u catch and the end where it comes out into a flask and ur oil should be in the flask u heated up thats why you wouldnt have any plant material in the water you will only have terpenes and other oils .what i meant to say is you will have to strain the plant material out of the liquid and the heat the liquid up and do the process of oil

You will extract compounds with steam but not the compounds or concatenations you want.

For MJ, I would recommend ethanol.

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Absolutely none of what you said is true.
THC will not dissolve in water.

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The person was asking about doing oil without using alcohol and yes i know the the thc and oils will desolve in water ok what i should of said is better doing bubble hash if u dont want to use alcohol

Also if u look on the internet you can do water extraction for oils out of cannabis you have to boil the cannabis in water until the oils come out then u strain ur everything and then u let it cool and the oil stays on top as it cools of go and have a look for ur self .type cannabis oil water extraction and it will come up so yes i was write is some way go and have a look at the internet

Sorry…no. No oil can be extracted with water.
Bubble hash is another story.

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Have a look on the internet for ur self and open ur eyes to new things

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THC isnt water soluable.
go boil a bud and let us know how that works out for ya!

Man what cant u understand im not saying it desolves the oil would float on the water the oil l leeches out of the plant material as its boiling .like i said go and have a look on the internet for ur self do u think i would waist my time telling people about it if i didnt read and see it with my own eyes do tou think i would want to give people bad information come on mate what sort of person do u think i am for goodness sake .and im not telling people to use this method and if people are unsure about it they can look it up ok

Water Based Extraction of Cannabis - YouTube like i said watch it and u will see

Nor will the desirable terpines dissolve. Ethanol is the right way to do it.

Water extractions such as bubble hash work because you are using cold water (or dry ice) to freeze the trichome oils (THC and terpines) such that they break away from the plant and can then be separated.

Hot water extractions work by floating the oils, which then must be separated from the water by filtering. It is an inefficient way to separate trichomes into a usable form, meaning that your yield for a given amount of flower will be less using these water methods.

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Please stop …that isnt extracting any oil. Its freezing off the trichomes.
I’ve extracted hundreds of times with alcohol as recently as last week.

Absolutely none of that is true,The oil wont “leech” out. It just wont. I dontgive a flying fungus gnat what the “internet” says Science says THC is a mostly nonpolar molecule . The chemical structure of THC is what chemists would label “nonpolar,” meaning there’s not much of a difference in electrical charge on either end of it. Water is very polar, which is why THC doesn’t dissolve well in it…Look THAT up un the internet…

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Ok u know it all ,the people who made that video are studying it and they do it hot water extraction if care to watch the video .there also scientist and professors