Can you crop then fim?

. Can you top (a photo) and then fim the new growth tips after the 3 or 4 new nodes? It’s scrogged, they are stretching in veg rn. I’ve cropped once, on one plant and I had one I fell on and took off one of the growth tips growing in so I topped the other when it got. If enough. Now I have 3 and have pulled them into a circle (kinda) so I have 3 tips on that plant., I have them both in a 17 gallon tub and I want to make them develop lots of sites. It’s my first scrog. And I’m a confident topper. Never fimmed but thought maybe that how ppl get monsters? I have some new beans popping that are known for being resilient large bushy plants perf for a tight scrog. Pls advise, much thanks!

You can. I usually top my plants 2 to 3 times. FIMing isn’t much different than topping from a stress perspective.

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Ok. So the second top is the stress equivalent of FIMming, correct? And FIM once the bud is set? 50% to get 4, 75% for 2….? Can you FIM the FIM? Or crop yet again? When is too much too much? I have autos in there so I’m not flipping, I’m vegging out more than needed to even the canopy and do all this plant mangling.

Yes and there are quite a few peeps i know who like to top once then fim once. I kind of like doing the main like that and just fimming the branches. Outside of that some lst and scrogging and youve got yourself some winners.

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They are outta control. I think my trellis netting is too large. I just bought smaller. I hope I can weave them right. You think I should build the pvc cage for both? And replace the huge holed net w smaller?

The mid tote are gently scrogged autos and the first on the left are photos I’m building a cage for later. Wish me luck.

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