Can you clone with fan leaves?


A question from a fellow grower:

Can you clone with fan leaves?


I’m assuming you mean taking a leaf fan to clone,that won’t work,try this method.
Select a soft branch of marijuana plant. If you want to keep the plant
to continue in vegetative growth, take cuttings from the branches which
have 2-3 nodes. Take 2- 4 inches long cuttings. Many people prefer to
take 8 inches long cuttings. If the stem is soft and green, it will
root rapidly. Make an even cut diagonally through the branch with
razor blade, below the cutting. Strip off the leaves around cutting, dip
in gel or powder and plant it.


You can, but it is a complicated and precise technique, not very easy at all to do. I did post the technique in response to another question like this probably a little more than a year ago.You might be able to find it if you really want to know how to do it with a fan leaf.

It is much better and easier to use a cutting as Russ has described. You’ll have much greater success with that time honored way of cloning. I prefer using a bubble or misting cloner instead of putting them straight into soil, but that way can work as well. It is very easy to make a bubble cloner, you can probably google it or find a tutorial on you tube on how to make easy bubble cloners yourself.


The method for other plants I tried myself but an accident left me needing to get more conclusive, … but I took two leaves and laid them flat, then took two other leaves and slices the stems at an angle and split too and put rooting hormone on those stems. The leaves laid flat, I took a razor blade and opened up the ribs of the leaves and applied rooting hormone. It seems the leaves laid flat seemed to be starting to take root, like African violet leaves can be done, but my little projects got kocked off a shelf with the starter light, dried out while I was away, so all I know it looked like the flat leaves were taking root.
Maybe someone can chime in if that is the correct method, I don’t seem so desparate for clones right now, needing to do my first clones, ummm, like today if I can.

I can see that “bubbler cloner” is a method, I can tell that they have to be either kept moist inside a germination chamber, or such, otherwise the harsh warm or dry environment destroys the work, in hours. I’d like to learn more how to do this, cause who knows, maybe someday I could be low on plants, or clone-able branches, ya know, with a very small personal grow it can happen.


You are describing the techniques used to clone from a fan leaf, applying rooting hormone to the underside of the leaf and split in the veins/ribs and then lie the leaf flat on the growing media, it may very well have worked if it had not been interrupted and killed.