Can wet weather affect duration of growth?

I’m doing my 1st Autoflower grow. It is outdoors and the weather has not been great. Plus I recognize that my location isn’t optimal for the number of hours of direct sunlight my plants receive.

My autos are at day number 58 since the germinated seeds went into the soil. Assuming a 10-week cycle, I have just under two weeks left before they are “mature”.

My hope is that I’ll get more like 3 weeks before they show signs of maturing (cloudy trichomes and darkened stigmas).

Is it possible that the cloudiness, rain, and cold(ish) weather we had back in July would have slowed down the growth? I think we had 10-inches of rain in July.

I am growing Sour Diesel, Amnesia Haze, and OG Kush (two of each with one in the ground and one in a 5 gallon smart pot).

Of the three varieties, ONLY the OG Kush’s stigmas are showing a teeny amount of darkening. I’m also trying to figure out when I should stop the light fertilizing that I have done during flowering.

Are there any reliable ways to determine how many weeks are left on the clock?

Amnesia Haze:

OG Kush

Sour Diesel

Cited times are from the start of flowering and not the start of the plant. You will have 8 to 10 weeks to go after the first appearance of pistils at the tips.

Plants getting more light can mature a little faster, but not by much.

I would guess that you have 7 to 9 weeks to go based on the photos.


Thanks @midwestguy, but these are autoflowers which I assume should be close to the 10 week life cycle. Sorry if that was not clear. I just added that to the beginning of my post…

Doesn’t matter if it is an auto or a photo. The time to maturity is still 8 to 10 weeks from the first appearance of pistils.


To answer your question yes…there’s only so much of anything that a plant can intake before it doesn’t need it…which can lead to things such as root rot (definitely gonna slow ya down), nutrient lockout, and other things…

Cannabis prefers wet/dry cycles…this gives them time to breathe and eat comfortably


OK, thanks for the info! I’m so glad that I took lots of photos.

The 1st pistils appeared on July 13. (FYI, they went into the soil on June 14). This makes me feel better thinking that I should have at least 4 weeks more to go.

This pic of the Amnesia Haze’s first pistil on July 13:

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You should be ready to harvest in mid to late September.

Get yourself a portable microscope or a jeweler’s loupe and begin looking at the trichomes a week or so after the pistils have browned and receded.

Here’s a guide to trichome maturity. Harvest when trichomes are to your taste.

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:arrow_up: Save that screenshot you’ll need it :sunglasses::facepunch:t2:

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Also are you sure all your plants are female?

Yes, I have looking closely for any signs of males. One of my sour diesels has never been quite normal looking (I call I my mutant). I have been watching that one extra closely for hermaphrodite traits.

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Thank you for your help and advice! I will definitelybe getting one of the small handheld microscopes too!

I ended up harvesting 5.2 oz (dried) from the plants.