Can use some help

Hi everyone i wondering if this is calmag deficiencies


I’m a noob so can’t help ya to much but from my garden saver book it looks like it could be that or magnesium deficiency

If sure does look like a Magnesium deficiency. Rust spots is pointing that way.
@PurpNGold74 what say you?

Need to get me a copy

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@MrRobot this is the book I purchased to try to trouble shoot things once I get going I got it from my local dispensary but I’m sure it’s on Amazon

Thanks a lot

You want me to try to take a picture of the page for magnesium deficiency?

That would help a lot

Hi there. Have you tried some cal mag yet?

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Been using this… a tsp spoon in every gal of feeding/watering since im running ro water

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Hope that helps ya some

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Grow medium? Pic of whole plant ? Thanks.

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Noob move with running miracle gro i went off a friend word …was to late by the time i found this forum


Looks like its doing well so far. As for deficiency…a few leaves worry not. A lot occurrng fast yes. You will have leaves fail with that bushy healthy girl. I personally see no glaring issues. Quite the contrary for MG. Just these old eyes.

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Seems to be that plant only

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Should i bump up the cal mag im using?

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Nah. Up to you. Wont hurt but she looks good. Tops vibrant. New growth strong. Soldier on. If leaves go ugly fast…a bunch…then we look for an issue. Is that a photo or auto?