Can u tell me if this one is ready

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

Can u tell me if this one is ready to yours eyes. It is in a bubbler system super skunk


I say let her go a few more weeks you have alot of white pistols showing so you will still be bulking up
Best way to judge if your plant is ready is with a jewlers loop or pocket scope 20x mag or better
i use 100x mag my self and many here use higher
Your need to check the tricombes and when you see amber your getting close to harvest but the tricombes should be all milky or cloudy at the min
Also your pistols will turn red or brown when its close to being ready
Start watching tricombes when pistols are 60-70% red/brown
Be patient your close but not there yet
The girls look ok grest also fyi
Happy growing


Bingo! Listen to @Countryboyjvd1971 . Follow exactly what he says he knows what he’s talking about. Good luck and enjoy your grow. It looks really nice!


@Countryboyjvd1971 what kind of magnifier do you use

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I use a pocket scope similar to these
I actually have a few of them at different mag levels
You can also get inw that hooks up to a pc
@bob31 has one he use and is very happy with it


I use mine with a tripod!



  • Disclaimer that some of these scopes only work on certain devices, so check them out before you buy!
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@bob31 that works with windows 10??? Or just phone ??

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It worked on Win 7 and Android. Not sure about Win 10? I would imagine it would though @Countryboyjvd1971

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I bought one but only worked with vista ?? Didn’t notice sent it nack and want to replace it :+1::wink:

The one I posted says it works with Windows and Mac computers

Not support iPhone!
If you did not see this notice at the time of purchase and find it unworkable after receiving the product, don’t worry, you can apply for returning the product at any time. Or you can contact us and we will help you as possible as we can.

Please check these criteria before purchase
1.Please make sure your android phone supports OTG function (This is VERY Important!).
How to check for OTG support? Download the free app, USB OTG Checker ”
2.This USB Microscope works only on Android 4.0+ system and does not support Apple iOS, Windows Phones, or Blackberry phones.
3.The camera probe is waterproof (IP67) in a wading depth of no more than the focusing button
4.The stainless steel material has a good heat dissipation effect, so the microscope’s handle will be relatively hot. This is normal and does not affect the use, so please do not worry!

Operation Instructions for Mac
Please run it on [photo booth]
1.Please run the photo booth first
2.Then plug the microscope into the Mac
3. Choose [Camera]-[Teslong Camera]

For Android 7.0 users
Please download the third party software, CameraFi, and make sure that the OTG function is turned on during use.

Sensor:1.0 Megapixel CMOS
Resolution:1280*720 Pixels
Focus Range: Manual focus from 10mm to 500mm
Magnification Ratio :10x to 200x

Please contact us via Amazon message if there are any questions about the item.

That is the user manual @Countryboyjvd1971


Newd to see if i can find it
Do they have it on Amazon @bob31

There’s a guy on Amazon that sells like a jewelers glasses with scopes on them and they work great. There is no adjustment you just move closer or further. MADE in USA by a veteran . But they don’t get as close as microscope but good enough to see the trichromes . Also some strains don’t get to amber when mature so a scope is the best way to check. And see if your trichromes are cloudy . That’s how I do it anyways. My THC levels are usually above 20% and as high as 29% with Holy Grail


post the link @timmyv324

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I’ll see if I can figure out how to do it. Lol give me a minute !!! Joyutoy Magnifier Loupe Magnifying Double Eye Glasses Lens Adjustable with LED Light Illumination Kit For Jeweler Watch Repair Tool in Black

These aren’t the exact ones I bought but same idea the work good for me

So did that work ??? Just wondering

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Yes it worked, I added the ILGM click thru to it and moved it to a separate line so it will “letter box” But yeah it worked.

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Thanks for the help.

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my pleasure, thanks for posting that link!

Gosh ! Glad I could help a little bit. Growing is an exciting and scary time your first couple runs. It wasn’t til I started actually researching and really invest the money in the proper equipment to get you the right environment then good things started to happen. I’ve been reading the ILGM newsletters for years now. And I wold say I owe a lot of my knowledge by reading what you mentors have to say. Real world experience it’s gonna b different a bit fir everybody but if you follow the basics you will have success

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