Can u please tell me how many days u should cure cannibis buds

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Can u please tell me how many days u should cure cannibis buds.

The longer the cure the better the bud!

How long have you been curing? You know you need to burp the jars atleast twice a day to let old air out and new air in. lowering the burping amounts as the buds dry out equally.

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I cure for a minimum of two weeks and preferably for a month.

As most do, I cure in glass Mason or Kerr brand quart size canning jars.

For the first couple of weeks I will open the jars twice a day for fifteen to twenty minutes.

I also use a Boveda brand 62 percent humidity pack in each jar for humidity control.


Damn out of likes but @Alton66 has you pretty much covered :ok_hand: the bovida packs are great also.

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Im with the boys here
@Alton66 is on point
Min two weeks a month is better
But like a fine wine it gets better with age
Boveda packs work great depending on condition ill use 57& 62 packs


I find the Boveda packs will absorb some of the smells during curing (I’m a poet) and I plan to only add them after curing, for long term storage in the future.

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Got to add some strains take longer. When i first harvested ak47 & amnesia haze the ak took twice as long to cure to have a good taste. Amnesia was good from get go but ak at first tasted like azzz

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Just use your nose. I use glass jars and Boveda packs too but I rely on my nose . When the grassy smell goes away, then it’s cured enough to use.

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