Can this be a genetic thing deficiency?

I have a question I am on my 3rd ak47 auto from ilgm my first 2 developed some rust spots at around 2-3 weeks into the grow and it slowly progress making the plant look worst and worst each day till to the point that it looked like a boron or similar looking deficiency. Now on my 3rd ak47 and its doing the same thing. It don’t think is my soil ffof because I have another seed from a friend going in the same soil and looks perfect

It’s probably pH related. I had some discoloration and brown spots on my Northern Lights auto and it was because my ph was too high.

I ph my water to 5.8-6.2 and all I’ve given her is water, she is only 2.5 weeks old. Weird that it happened to all my ak47 grown in different times but non of my other strain

pH is too low you want 6.3-6.6, or there about :thumbsup:


My ak47 strains from ilgm are doing the same thing.

Maybe this will help

@ paranorman, You are a knowledgeable guy and always have keen advice…lol. So, ive always heard when they plants are between 1 day and about 2 weeks old, giving them a higher acidic water lets say 5.5 to 6.0 is good, and for plants older tham 2 weeks it goes to 6.3 to 6.8 like you say, any truth in that that you know?

Ive decided to just do between 6.3 and 6.8 on this grow but wanted to ask anyways.

Thanks in advance bro

Your pH is too low, raise it to 6.3-6.8 and I bet it solves your problem. :wink:

Wow thanks guys I didn’t know my ph was low. I learn something new

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I brought it up to 6.5

That’s perfect! Now don’t touch anything, just walk away slowly. :sunglasses:

Lol thanks

Thanks for the chart

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