Can they be saved

![IMG_20190822_131015|285x500](upload://yfaUlI87Yd0EWMwmoby sick & Pakistan kush ground termitesxdH0zq1Yv895.jpeg)

They are pretty strong plants and cant go thru alot, if u get ur cause of the issue fixed then they should survive

What are you doing to treat the termites?

Used a shishkabob skewer and poked triazicide in the holes

1 piece in each hole

If your treatment worked they can make it. The problem is the open spot may invite other pests or even worse mold

Spraying wound with a peroxide neemsoap solution

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Neem would definitely help your cause. Just remember not to use it once your plant start flowering. It tastes horrible when you smoke it. Lol

Another suggestion would be to pile food grade diatomaceous earth around the main stem


Good call. I wasn’t sure if that would help because they can come up from below but it sure wouldn’t hurt either @HornHead

Thank will try some D.E.

indent preformatted text by 4 spaces![IMG_20190824_073703|285x500](upload://AiMtwz7z9irpHnZWXQJYVbZmOA9.jpeg)     Lost her:sleepy:

Ok lost her for next year do I mix the D.E. In with the ground soil or in with the starter pots or just put it around the stalk?

I mix it with soil and put it on top. I go overkill with it probably lol