Can these plants be saved?


Sure; why wouldn’t they? You are getting close to harvest and the plant is slowly dying. This is perfectly normal.


It is beautiful and I can see why you might want to keep it around but to quote Prince (rip) “Life is just a party and parties aren’t meant to last”

Save from what ? They looks good :+1:, it’s nothing can be done on your part at this point cause they are about 3-4 weeks from finishing if they not closer than that by now . That burning of the leaves is from not transitioning your nutrient from veg to flower properly , you had to much nitrogen feeding phosphorus and potassium to high to soon which is happens learning . Next time when you flip to flower , you have to cancel out the grow nutrients and add the bloom nutrients is sequence are you will burn your tips everytime going from veg to flower . I can explain in more details but I’m pretty sure that’s what happen or ph spikes and inconsistent ppm’s could be many variables that cause it , hot soil can be one , defaulted ph pen lost calibration by .3 so you’re ph is off and many never know this especially with the cheap ph pens under $50 , but right now Sir just try to keep your water ph consistent and let them finish but make sure to flush them thoroughly cause of how much salt lock out you have in the dirt .


Fantastic !! Thank you !They are in a closet, 4 Blueberry Kush autos and 1 Girl Scout Cookies. The Blueberry Kush is generous with buds and tricomes, so I really didn’t want to lose them. I did measure my pH and it was high - 7.8. I’m not sure about the accuracy of my meter. Is this something I can or should fix ?

Thats the info I come here for, thank you

@wolfpapa yes get you a $50 pen at least , the $20 dollars one just dint hold up to how much they are in used . Either you get lucky with a decent pen and make through a grow but the next grow you start having problems and be doing the same exact thing , and it be the batteries in the pen , change the batteries and it’s losses calibration every stinky time and they never consistent after that, I used to but 3 at a time for a back up , that’s what $60 bucks anyways ? If you have blue lab pockets, but ph and ppm is what you want to master going in the soil to activate what ph is in the soil already mixed with all the organic stuff in it which makes it around 5.8-6.2 .
@wolfpapa a good way to learn your soil first is to pour at least 3 gallons of 6.5 ph water through the soil and test the runoff straight out the bag before you put a plant in it cause at lot of stuff has a ph balance to it. Many don’t catch it until after they put the plants in the soil straight out the bags. I always preload my soil now with Formula A35 so I don’t have used any grow nutrients in veg , I build the soil for a 6-8 week feed with just ph water and sealed extract .

This the pen I’m using, it’s my first go with it but so far it’s been accurate and it don’t require to stay wet in between watering , just place the cap on it.

@yoshi do you make your own soil? I’ve been using potting mix that has time released nutrients and friggin hate it. Biggest mistake in my “newbie” opinion. I’m a first time grower, but have experience with vitamin/mineral chemistry and stability.

Would you mind sharing your practice or how you make your soil?

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