Can these 2 autos possibly be the same variety?

Hey you all!

Got a question. I hear from you good people that autos can vary widely plant to plant.

But can these two Northern Lights Autos in the back row, possibly be of the same variety? I mean one has old yellow leaves and the other has purple leaves and they are about the same stage. Look completely different.

Your thoughts?


Different like siblings. I have 2 Zkittlez seeds from the same batch, one is 38" and the other is 14"

Bit different bud style and leaf color??

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Yeah differnt pheno types show differnt genes. Color, height, width, smell, taste, structure, even more indica or more sativa can happen if its a hybrid.


Just like brothers and sisters of our own species can have different hair color, eye color, and skin tone.
Cannabis seeds from same mother can look completely different as well. Especially hybrids and even more so with autos. The more genetic crossing the more genes in the pool to pull from…

Kinda cool when you think about it imho :grin:


Had 2 do the same just recently harvest them and I got say you will love the smell

I have no idea if they are the same strain, easily could be same strain different pheno. But I can tell you this, with certainty…

They gorgeous!

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Thank you @Newt that’s quite a compliment coming from you!

Very proud of what I’ve learned from you experienced and down-to-earth people… who are not condescending or boisterous… but who are just sharing your opinions with us newbies who in turn are just trying to be successful too.

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