Can’t get my seeds to grow! Help!


Hey you guys I’m a semi new grower and I just started trying to grow indoors… I can’t seem to get my seeds to germinate properly I can get them to crack and then a small tap root barely comes out but after I drop them in my soil they don’t continue to grow… my temperature has fluctuated between low 60s and high 80’s could this be a problem?? What Can I do to fix it… any tips help thanks in advance!! :call_me_hand:t3:


Could be a lot of things including the temp issue. A heating mat will fix that. Another common problem is over watering.

A picture would help.


I swear by rapid rooters and a heated propagation tray w/ a dome.


I suggest tou get a germination tray with a heat matt

Something like this one

I perfer the taller domes
This will help you maintain heat and humidity
Mist soil once or twice a day to keep soil moist not wet don’t allow the soil to stay wet you’ll rott the tap root and kill it


ok I got one to crack open but didn’t get much of a tap root I decided to plant it any way… I put it about. 1/4” deep then I watered It with regular tap water it’s been a week and still nothing but the soil is still wet I haven’t watered it since … and I am planning on getting a propagation tray like that one Soon I know it will help a lot. Also I was thinking once I start planting more would it help if I put a little of the root powder about an inch below the soil?? I was thinking it might help the roots.


Try placing i soaking in water until they crack 24-48 hours once they crack place them in a damp paper towel and place that in a plastic bag leave bag open for ventilation leave that in a warm room for 24 hour in the dark
Check you should have a tap eoot 1/4 -1/2 inch long
Then place in soil 1/2 inch deep


I think you drowned the seed. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


Do you guys have any tips as keep them from drowning? Like should I saturate the soil when I put the seeds in or barely water it just enough to keep it damp?


What I do is sprout then in a paper towel and then put them into peat pellets. Peat pellets are compressed peat that you soak in water and they expand. Then I squeeze the excess from them. Not a hard squeeze just gently. Make a little hole in the top and carefully set the barely sprouted seed in and drag some peat over it.

I set it in something to keep from drying out and use a mister to keep it slightly damp.

The upside for me is that by the time the roots poke out the sides the seedling is mature enough to handle a little fertilizer that might be in your soil.


As stated mist soil to keep top moist not wet
I dont water in either
I place seed mist soil and check min twice daily
Leaving in germination tray help
Prevent drying out fast