Can’t get my PH down with out my PPM skying!?!?!? HELP

So I am struggling at getting my PH down. Would like to hit 5,6ish going in. Currently at 5.9 with 1300 PPM. 2 weeks into veg so I don’t want to over due the PPM. I have used GH PH down and Advanced Nutrients PH down. But still getting 6.3 out. Running coco with perlite and some worm casting. Also the soil that was on the plant in the 3 gallon. Currently in a 7 gallon fabric bag.



Next time mix ur nutes down to 5.5 and then water should bring it down to 6 or lower. I wouldnt worry to much right now just every time u water water at 5.5 and eventually ur ph will stabilize out there. Ppms a little high but I mix mine around there. Next time maybe use 3/4 of the nutes to get ur ppms lower. Urs is a coco pear moss mix right?

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And to add to this I’ve used water from my pond 6.6 and water from my well 6.5 and distilled water as well.

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Also when are u testing ur run off right away after instant watering? I always let it drain a little then I test it.

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About 15 to 20 percent worm casting and the soil from the trans plant the rest is Mother Earth coco and perlite. That 1300 is without nutes that’s just the PH down!?!?

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That’s crazy high. Wierd u sure ur ppm meter is working right. What’s ur ppms out of ur wall?

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I normally only have to add a few drops

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174 from well, 25 in distilled and 190 from pond

That’s what everyone keeps saying!?!?!?!?

Maybe I need to invest in a better meter?

I’ve read that runoff in coco doesn’t matter. Just ph water to 5.8 going in and you should be good. I grow in coco myself and have never had a problem doing that way. I flush at least once a month


Because I’m a newb and or a dumb ass lol and I have the amount of dirt I listed above is it safe to say 5.9ish would be ok? Just thinking the Cal/Mag in the dirt would supply the plant some or would the coco dominate all that?

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Are u using a coco nutrient? @HornHead what nutes u use? Like stated just ph ur water going in.

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Yes Emerald Harvest

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With the dirt in pot, you’ll want the ph a little higher. Low 6 should be good , and to be on safe side, I’d add some calmag every once in a while


You doing the 3 part or the whole system?

3 part ATM

It’s curious why do you want pH5.6? 5.8-6 is the sweet spot for hydro/coco.

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Idk exactly how much soil you have in there but my soil is one hell of a buffer. I have been going in at 6.7 to 6.9 and it still comes out at 6.2. I haven’t dabbled into the soiless mediums but wickedale has you covered for sure!

Thought I needed to just to get the run off balanced? So I should not do that? @WickedAle Also when I mix everything per nute instructions I get super high PPM and PH even at half the dose. Trying to keep it 1000 to 1200 like you suggested. Thanks again for all the help!!