Can’t get humidity down

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So one of my pants started to get the little white hairs that I believe indicates the flowering process is beginning, from what I understand the humidity needs to be between 40-50%, my tent is in a shed outside and has a constant humidity of like 80%, I got two dehumidifiers turned on two days ago and it doesn’t seem to be dropping the humidity below like 65%. I have tried closing vents and turning inline fan off and the opposite where I cut all the fans back on and opened up all the vents, either way I can’t get humidity down, any ideas on what to do? (Ps: first time grower here) and the plants are about 31 days old

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Your plants look great, try increasing exhaust fan speed. 65% not totally a deal-breaker.

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All fan and dehumidifiers on max is your best bet? Are you exhausting outside of the shed ? You can’t exhaust your tent into the shed or your just recycling the humidity.

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I do it all the time in a metal building and have no issues. I run a dehumidifier the whole time. Humidity stays around 50%. Temps around 78-79 with lights on. 72-73ish lights out. Unless I turn the ac unit lower

Fan exhaust out of tent inside shed and through a charcoal filter.

I do run might lights at night and lights off during the day. But only did this when my cheap ac wasn’t cutting it and temps were getting too high. Once I put a decent ac unit in I haven’t had any more problems.

Thats the problem dude. You need to cut a hole in the shed and exhaust outside. You will never get the humidity down if you pull air from the same place your exhausting

This was during the insane amount of rain we got every single day for over a month. My humidity now is in 40s and not near an issue.

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Even if you can get it down on non rainy days your going to use tons for electricity running an ac, 2 dehumidifiers and fans on max when you can simply vent outside.
Just explaining why your having issues and will continue to have those issues. You cant exhaust to the same room your drawing in air.

Sorry to say that if you continue doing this we will likely continue to see help post from you with things like white powdery mildew and bud rot.

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@Indicanna_Jones @JWhistler the in line fan is vented out of the building, any other ideas?

Even if you can get it down on non rainy days your going to use tons for electricity running an ac, 2 dehumidifiers and fans on max when you can simply vent outside.

I don’t have an ac running, just the in-line fan, 2 clip fans 2 dehumidifiers, the light, and a box fan outside of the tent for circulation in the building.( I have all of this run off of one extents cord)

Nope that should do the trick. Nothing much else for you to do. You have taken the proper precautions and have both an AC unit which is also a dehumidifier along with a dehumidifier. You should be all set brother :v:

The in-line fan has always been vented outside, and I do not have an ac unit, just two dehumidifiers, and the humidity is still staying in the 80s @Indicanna_Jones

Oh my bad I was actually looking @JWhistler reply. If your venting outside and running 2 dehumidifiers im not real sure what else you can do.
Only other thing you could do is insulate the hell out of the shed. Your at the mercy of mother nature.

I did insulate my metal building. That would help. I’m surprised the temps aren’t through the roof without an ac unit.

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@JWhistler the weather In Virginia has been between 65-90 for the past month so it’s not been much effort to keep temps good

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I’m right below you in NC