Can’t find seeds shipped to Australia

Ilgm stopped shipping to Australia and Royal seeds don’t either
Where can I buy seeds from now?

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Let me someone who I believe is from down under. @Aussie_autos

@anon33684698 I believe is from Australia and I know a couple of others but you put me on the spot :laughing: :rofl: if I remember them I’ll come back by… damn old man brain is getting worse lol


A lot of companies are having trouble shipping down unda. Don’t know what kind of customs y’all have but they got things locked tight.

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I hear ya about being on spot LOL that’s what I get for trying to remember who is from down under while smoking. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I can’t use that excuse I don’t smoke lol

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maybe we can retrain pigeons as mail carriers again. screw u customs. :joy:


You can buy seeds from sticky seeds uk and gorilla seeds and attitude seeds uk they all send to Australia


Yah im from Australia