Can’t figure out what’s going wrong

Hey everyone, I’m wondering if anyone can suggest what might be going on with my plant. It’s about 3 weeks into flowering. It went for 5 days without water when it was about 4 weeks old. It’s putting out buds it just looks unhealthy and I can’t figure out why. I water it with 6.5 ph water that sits out for at least 24 hours. I water when ever the pot feels light. (Watering by weight) and feed with fox farms bloom nutres

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  • PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable)
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It looks like nute burn. So even more important to know what your soil, lighting and precisely what water is being used.


I agree with the fellas. When you let your pot dry out too much, the roots try to uptake anything they can and can burn your plants. I’m gonna wait to comment further until the support ticket is filled out tho :wink::v::teddy_bear:


It is white widow from Dutch passion
I’m growing in soil with regular pots indoors
My water is just Toronto tap water I let sit out for 24 hours to settle. I lower the PH to 6.5 I’m not sure of TDS or runoff PH. I have a 1000W led from king led with a 4” carbon filter hooked up to my exhaust fan. Day temp is 77 and at night it drops down to about 64.

I hope I have given enough information for you

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What soil, and how are you measuring ph?

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I used fox farm happy frog soil mixed with Miracal grow moisture control about 1/3 happy frog 2/3 Miracal grow.
I use a digital pen meter to measure PH

I’d be super curious to know the ppm runoff. I’m curious to know myself - does the MG moisture control just add peat moss, Coco or some type of water holding amendment or is it a fert. too? The burnt leaf edges have been there how long, they won’t recover you could trim the toasted ones off.
I was just stopping by to see what the gurus had to say… nice meeting ya and good.luck . Keep it green!!!:sunglasses:

I don’t know the runoff ppm that is the next thing I want to monitor, the leaves have been burnt on the edges for over a month. I pick off the dead ones but figured if I left them till they were dead they may still help the plant a little. It’s the first photo I have grown, I’m hoping I didn’t do to much damage to it.

I don’t know why the guys haven’t mentioned it but why MG soil. It’s so hard to judge problems with a slow release fertilizer and most peeps stay away from MG. That is whats behind all this most likely.

I used the moisture control blue bag. As far as I know there is no fert in it.

That’s your problem. Frankly; you are going to have nothing but trouble. It’s possible to grow cannabis in MG but it’s not easy and the results are…sub-optimal. Too many harsh fertilizers and completely different PH range for cannabis. Deficiencies, excesses and lockouts will all happen later in the life cycle.

You can flush but there are pockets of fertilizer in your MG soil that will essentially never wash away.


Can you suggest an alternate soil to use? I have grown 12 autos in the Miracal grow and had no issues I was aware of so I figured it would have been good for a photo as well. I will post a picture of the last auto when I get home.


Just wait until you grow in the correct soil.

Fox Farms and Roots Organics and Scott’s (Black Magic) are all soils optimized for cannabis. But you are too far along to transplant. The best thing you can do now is manage for correct PH which means first of all doing a slurry test to see what the native PH of your substrate is now. Without that data you will be just guessing. Probably going to need some dolomite lime to top dress your soil to buffer the PH at a higher value. (I would not be surprised if you see low 4’s for PH).


This is one of the better autos that came out of the Miracal grow, I ended up with just over 40g dry. It was decent but the high didn’t last long. Hopefully with all the great advice I got from you great people my next crop will be better. Thank you everyone for your input.


Man u just wait until you grow your next crop in Fox Farm soil… happy frog or ocean you’ll definitely tell a happy plant. I use FFOF and many others do too but my friend gave ya the list. Awesome :+1:

I cant wait to start my next crop. I’m excited to put into practice what I have learned here today. I have a bag of happy frog so I will probably grow in that, But I am curious about ocean forest

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