Can’t figure out if I be flushing, or feeding with nutes?

Hi all,

I got a round of helpful comments a couple weeks back, so am here for more…

I can’t figure out whether I’m days/ a week from harvest, or whether I should be feeding with Tiger Bloom in the final stretch (some maybe 2-3 more weeks?)

It’s a Jack Herer auto, outdoor in a fabric pot, FF OF soil, using FF trio (through not as religiously as I should). It’s hard for me to tell as a first time grower whether these trichromes are clear or milky (I prefer the energetic high to a couch/immobile high, so aiming for the former if I can).

Any thoughts on how much longer she needs are appreciated! BTW I may have gone overboard on the fan trimming…


Your tricomes don’t look Amber yet. Wait until about 10% Amber tricomes then harvest. Looks like you could harvest, but I would wait a little longer.


Yeah @Colaman is right, you are a couple of weeks away give or take

As for flushing, I’m still learning and a bit nooby but it is still early, I believe, to start that

We should ask an expert grower like @Hellraiser what his advice would be on that issue

@Colaman welcome to the cool kids corner of the World Wide Web


I know each plant is different but my jack herer auto grown indoor took over 130 days. I don’t even see any amber on the sugar leaves. She will be a while yet. Interesting cola. It is top to bottom totem pole style


You can still try it out I picked a small bottom bud and dry and try and omg better then any street bud I have had

I’d keep feeding as she still at least 3 weeks til prime time.

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Thanks for the advice all. Holding the line still!