Can Soneone share the Genetic Characteristisc of

I need genetic / growth characteristics of the following plants. Any input you can help me with would be awesome! Thank you in advance.

The Edge (hybrid) - ie, one that leaning toward sativa side/ one leaning to indica. which should be chosen for mother: the short (indica) one or the tall (sativa) side

Shaman (hybrid) - one has very broad leaves, one side has normal hybrid leaves. Which side is appropriate to the genetic strain?

Mazar x/White Rhino - growth characteristics to look for to choose for a mother?

All 3 mazer are the same it is just the Edg is different as well he Shaman I have icks but can’t find out how to import them

you have one dominate Sativa hybrid “Edge” and the Shaman hybrid is Indica dominate. it the lower leaves that is one indicator of dominate strain. The last mentioned sound’s good for a mother - you have to feed mother plants differently and require a different npk amounts - due to longer in veg stage

:wink: the mothers are on a 1000 to a 1200 npk ,i try not to over load them i hope that is a good idea ,lol my luck i’m suppose to give them all they can handle…lol.,but i have nice dark green leaves and no burning tips , the seed pack said that they dont need much food so I have been keeping it low ,
do sativa dominant plants have smaller and less density buds? and will not be good for a mother ?
i was wondring what the grower was going for in the plant itself… ,what is the Edge suppose to look like ? and the Shaman, as well
which one would be good for mother ? there are two to choose from.
thank you for the help

Edge 2

Shaman 2

Shaman 1

Edge 1


Great looking plants !! Sure to keep us posted !!! Expected Harvest time ?

Shaman acquired from Dutch Passion, who claimed it was a 20+ content, it was lucky if it registered a 10. Also, not an indoor grow.

Very pretty, purple but airy buds and very much a sativa. Very “grapy” wine smell.

I would NOT suggest this strain at all

The Edge is a very beautiful smelling and can be an indica, but tries to go sativa.

I haven’t had much rating for it yet, as I have been treating “old school”.

Looks great, smells great, but is a 50/50 shot at indica vs sativa.

Will let ya know once there is any feedback.

The Mazar is outstanding, superb, A1 level strain.

At least a 20+, rock hard buds, smells fruity and sour and very “orgasmic”. Also acquired via Dutch Passion.

“Put you in your couch” high, while still being able to function.

I highly recommend it.