Can somone please let me kno if my plants are goin hermie?

I’ll look back through pics and see what I can find.

It’s a funny thing. If you have nanners you will spot the little lime green tips right away as they don’t look like they belong there :sunglasses:

sorry to jump in I have posted this pic before and had mixed reviews could you tell me what you think please its about 3 weeks in to flower

its my first one someone please give me some good news :pray:

Those are calyx. Male sacs wont have trichs on them.

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I’m wondering the same thing about my girl. Family went out of town over the Labor Day weekend for 2 days and didn’t think it would be that hot. Fed her before we left but came back to a tree of yellow fan leaves(about half of her). I have read that stress can cause your plant to “hermie”. This is first time ever trying to grow. Wife picked all yellow fan leaves off and she looks so naked but saw this and need to now if these are make sacs coming:

Looks a lot different than this:

One last thing, did my wife do the best thing by pulling all the yellow fan leaves off? Just seems she has no protection and very vulnerable!! She is still producing though!!

Other than male example all i see is swollen calyx. my killer kush plants make some huge calyx, but ive never found a seed in one. i can add a few pics if wanted. @first-timer @Assout.