Can someone tell me why people are starting to split the stems of their plants in half?

…thanks !

Robert sent a email out showing how splitting the stem a few days before harvest will cause tricombes to pack on adding weight and potency to your crop
If I know how to post the link I would maybe one if the other peeps can send you the link

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Oh okay thanks was this an email thing if so I probably have it

I happen to see this two or three times in the last week or so and I just didn’t know what to make of it ?!

thanks again and if you can post the link in case I don’t have it that would be great! :thumbsup: (I’m not going to do it but I wouldn’t mind reading it)

I’ll see if I can figure out how to post it
I considering trying it because worst case scenario is a early harvest by a few days should something go wrong so I reality you don’t loose may be just a little potency? I figured I’ll try it on my runt when harvest time is close :+1:

here is the link @Paranorman @Countryboyjvd1971


Hey there you go thanks @Capt_Seeweed

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Thanks for the link I saw one person do it didn’t think much of it and then I saw one or two more and I thought …well I don’t know what I thought but I’m going to look up those threads and follow along

  • thanks again
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Just trying to help @Paranorman …don’t think I would try splitting my stems on my first grow though…
I think I will wait for 2nd grow to try something like that… :grin:

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I believe Robert also suggested it not be done by new growers. More of an advanced technique.

I understand the stress argument for beefing up the plant, but you could do that with other techniques that don’t make such a drastic wound.

I’ve been watching them do it, but I’m not sure it’s for me…


Well there’s a lot of things that I think new growers maybe shouldn’t try but anyway I really don’t have that much interest except I didn’t know what the hell was going on with it, now I do

  • thanks all …Peace! :v:
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Guilty as charged. An impulsive and aggressive move. I read another users post and just went ahead and went for it. I couldn’t help myself, I haven’t been able to subject these plants to any bondage in a while & the knife seemed like old times. Agreed that I may have gotten a little carried away :slight_smile:


I’m totally not worried about it because if I harvested today I would not be the least bit disappointed.

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New technique?! Gotta try it. I’m gonna go split all my stems right meow.

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Let us know how it turns out @Imnewatthis
Post pics

Yes it was an e-mail sent out by Robert Bergman ILGM on about Jan 12, and yes this is why all of a sudden people started talking about it in the forum.



Well ive got two plants a few weeks away from harvest so ill wait two weeks and give this a try :grinning:

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This method is actually been around for years and old Indian taught me this method I’ve just never done it he does it every harvest I’ve never heard of it again until now I’m gonna have to give it a shot myself


I was going to try it but I said on the next run I’ve spent to much time to get my plants to where there at … sounds cool and tempting but I don’t want to risk this harvest :joy::joy::joy: I’m just going to chicken out till next run !!! Lmao

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So you guys are saying this is something that you do to help cure the weed and make it better toward the end? …the reason I’m asking is because I’ve seen guys do it in Africa where they split the stock from the top to the bottom and then they stomp it to basically super crop it and then they turn one plant into two plants but that’s the only time I’ve ever seen it done… but it doesn’t sound like the same thing you guys are talking about… Hmmm