Can Someone tell me what these spots are and what i need to do to fix

Okay, I need someone to tell me if these spots are rust? Or if not what are they? I did have nutrient burn on one plant but it didn’t spread to other plants.I also would like to know if this is bad enough for me to lose my plant? I am 5 weeks into flowering?I have included pics below

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You’re not going to lose the plant. You just need to make some adjustments. Those dark leaves and burned tips are nitrogen toxicity. Do you know your PPM?

How far into flower are you?

5 weeks

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@MidwestGuy I don’t know the ppm.I don’t have anyway to test that.I did use REV which is a stimulant.I did wait a few days and then gave full nutes instead of half nutes like i normally would.

I would maybe water with just plain ph’ed water 1 or 2 times see how they react, but thats just a thought im still on my 1st grow as well

I see nute burn and calcium deficiency. Id also say flush but you add some calmag in the last gal of flush

You don’t want to be giving a plant Rev if you have nute burn. Rev can dramatically increase nute uptake, which can make it worse.

Supplements like Rev have their place, but you have to be careful with them. I’ve experienced nute burn before when using similar products (I used Urb.)