Can someone tell me if this plant a male or a female?

These little balls just popped out today, I’m hoping white hairs grow out of them tomorrow. Any thoughts??? Male or female?

I’m guessing probably male but I am not sure.

Yes, id say Male


a closeup pic would help…but based on what is visible I would call that a male.

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Sorry buddy, it’s a boy

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Sorry my ftiend but I’ve to agree with a everuone here.
Also I would like to Welcome you to ILGM. Thee fokes in the forum will help you
from start to finish.
Oh and the Memers Lounge is where we all get to hang out and get to know each other without grow questions.



Thank you for the welcome and your help. Yeah I was dreading all your responses but kind of expecting them at the same time. Guess I needed that slap across the face to snap me out of denial. It smells so damn strong, like a strong sour diesel. It had me very excited.

Your only plant?

I have 4, 3 are entering preflower and they other one got pruned by my goat so she is still recovering and her growth has been greatly delayed. I will share pics of my other 2 that are in preflower, lm pretty sure they are females but nothing like having some back up with all you guys. This site is really cool, glad I found it.

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