Can someone tell me if this is normal

…but do you feel better?


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Thank you!

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Same here

Plant starts drooping towards end of light cycle, back to normal by morning, could they be getting too hot? Light cycle right now is 11 on 13 off.

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Pretty normal for the plant to droop a little in anticipation of dark cycle.

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Cool, thank you

These are 3 White Widow autos. The big one is about 6 weeks from sprout. The other 2 are both just under 3 weeks from sprout. One is a little runty.

The big one just got supercropped a couple of days ago to even the canopy.
Lights are about 18" from top of big one and 24" from the other 2 which are raised to compensate.
All in 3 gal fabric pots.