Can someone tell me if this is normal

It’s normal for plants to shed lower leaves as the plant matures, if that is what your question is. It’s hard to identify issues with the burple lighting.

Please post photos taken under white light. The purple light makes it very difficult to see color and texture.


Yes, yellowing and dying of the lower leaves. Sorry, I’ll post new pictures as soon as I can.


Indicative of N deficiency, but much more info is needed.

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Let me know what more you need to know and I’ll do my best to answer. Being a first time grower I’m kinda dumb at this.

All those plants for a first grow? :scream:
Well, you are gonna have a hell of a steep learning curve. :roller_coaster:
First glaring issue is that light. :bulb: Sorry to say but that is pretty much money down the drain. Blurples are a joke. Your plants are stretching too much and weak structure all due to insufficient light. :flashlight:

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This will help.

So this light isn’t any good? This is the one I have. I started out with lesser lights so they grew too tall as seedlings. They really didn’t start leafing out until I got a better light. My main concern now is the yellowing of the lower leaves.

That light may do fairly well for 2 plants. I don’t see it sustaining the 8 or more shown.
1200w advertised is probably not more than 120w actual output. so maybe a 3x3 canopy area.

Folks are pointing out your light because of the distance between nodes on the plant. The plant is asking for more light by stretching out like that.

These lights are affectionately known as burples for their purple light characteristic. Experienced growers avoid these type of light, as they are overrated in terms of wattage (your “1200 watt” light is actually 255 watts.) 255 watts is ordinarily okay, but you need to keep in mind that some of that wattage goes toward creating heat rather than light. You might consider returning the light if you can. They just don’t do a very good job.

You won’t be able to flower multiple plants with it. It might be enough to flower 1 plant.


White widow auto flower

  • Method: Organic soil
  • Vessels: Pots
  • PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable) N/A
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution- flower time booster
  • Indoor or Outdoor- indoor
  • Light system
  • Temps; Day, Night- 72 day, night don’t know
  • Humidity; 80-90%
  • Ventilation system; No
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,- AC
  • Co2; Yes, burning un-scented candles
    Small fan blowing for circulation

How old are the plants?
How far away is your light?
Can you get a picture without the grow light like with a flash?

I am growing White Widow autos also. :smiley:

They are around 8-10 weeks old. The light is around 37 inches above the plants. I’m not too worried about the other smaller plants. Just the big 5 that I have directly under the light. I know I started out with too many now but wasn’t aware when I started them. I will get better pictures as soon as I get home.

These plants will make good teachers and we (the ILGM family) will help you maximize your yield. The lessons you learn the hard way are permanent knowledge.
I would suggest dropping your light to not more than 24". Drop it slowly though, a couple of inches 2x a day maybe so as not to shock them.


I ordered this light from growbuds 16 days ago. Still hasn’t processed or shipped. I have contacted them with no luck.

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It’s definitely been a hard learning process. I plan to expand my grow closet to 8x4 and putting in ventilation before I start any more seeds.


Spider Farmer is making decent lights these days, but the SF-1000 is still only good for 1 plant.

Be sure that you are buying lights with Samsung LM301 series diodes.

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More than likely I’ll cancel my order and try getting one through some one else.

I am growing some White Widow Auto-flowers . I have one of the 8 that grew straight up even though it was right under my light. I have a HLG 600R-spec.

Here she is just before a watering.

She is a foot taller than the rest. My opinion is some just grow this way. I am in no way saying you have the right light, at the right hight, set on the right intensity. It does look like you got a mighty stretch going on.

If you have the scratch, look into an HLG. They are of extremely high quantity and very popular among the folks on this site.

Happy growing.


The Spider Farmer is okay. It’s not a burple.

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