Can someone tell me if this is normal in coco mediums

On my second grow with coco, i noticed this algae last time, i have been letting the medium dry out to see if i noticed a difference but i am still getting it. Any thoughts anyone!?

I don’t think algae is harmful to your plant in small amounts. It’s just another plant, and most things that kill algae will kill your plant as well. If it bothers you scoop it out and cover you soil with something that will keep the light away.


I get it every grow. Never caused me a problem :v:


Yep, I see it on my surface perlite all the time. Perlite does retain some water and when exposed to light, algae grows. When you’re done with your grow and empty your pot, you see the perlite that wasn’t exposed to light is still all white.


Okay cool, thank you everyone